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A big thank you to Ken Lenard!

I just wanted to give a big shout out and a personal THANK YOU to Ken Lenard for posting his recipes on his web site and for sharing his knowledge with others as he does. I made an Oktoberfest following his Therese`s Wisen Oktoberfest Lager recipie and entered it in our local homebrew Oktoberfest competition. I was lucky enough to win first place today with that beer! Thank again Ken for sharing your knowledge with others and making it possible for newbies like me to be able to make some good brew! :cheers:

Always a good bench-mark to have peers opinions.
I have to admit. I have looked over your recipes Ken and considered a few, just never made the jump. What I appreciate also is any/all taking the time to do anything from websites to books etc… Many are one click/read wonders as they are uninspired or plain just lame. But from a quick browse over your site a few years ago I found connection that this guy gets it.

At any rate I will chip in and say your time in reaching out and positively giving your time freely to the community again is valued.

Thanks guys… I appreciate that.

I just wanted to put all of the random thoughts in my head in one place and hoped that it would help new brewers at the same time. When I started brewing in 1999, the forums were not around like they are now so if I bought an extract kit from someone and had a question, I would call the supplier and ask them! Eventually I found a few forums and got some great help from other brewers and I told myself that I would try to be as much help to new brewers as those guys were to me. Now we have a bunch of forums and we all know that most homebrewers love to share their experience and help other brewers, which is a huge help. I probably need to update it more frequently and I will try to do that in the future. Cheers guys and HEY, Lovenbeer… I love that Oktoberfest recipe so it’s great to hear that you took a 1st in your comp. Stand up tall because anyone can look at a recipe but to win a comp means that you executed well.


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