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A big loss

I was saddened to hear of Tom Petty’s death… So many songs, so many hours he brewed with me and he didn’t even know it… Sneezles61


Very sad day for sure. Still trying to process it all

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The thing that bums me out the most about Tom is that it sounds like he was alone and wasn’t found for a while. I just wonder if he’d have survived if he’d had medical attention sooner.

Exactly…always digging around for an old TP disc on brewday. His tour de force album for me was Wildflowers. A mature Tom Petty, dealing with lifes issues. In High School it was the early stuff. American Girl, Need to Know, etc.


I toured with him back in the early 80s


I hope he didn’t suffer much… Now, I’ll be curious how much music has been recorded, but not released… Thinking, He’ll keep bring a new smile to the faces of all his fan base… Sneezles61

Hadn’t even heard about his death until now. What a loss. He was a true legend. At least we’ll always have his music to listen to…

I wasn’t a fan of his work until the Traveling Wilburys. I used to play THAT tape a lot though; I wished I could sing like Roy Orbison on “End of the Line” and “Handle with Care.” Then, playing the tape one day years later, I realized that it was Tom Petty’s vocals that I liked the most across the album. It was kind of a musical conversion experience. But that’s typical of me; late to the party. There’s now a huge swath of my play list that’s his stuff.

Tom Petty will be missed.

Indeed sad. I agree with @dannyboy58 that the situation sucks. He wasn’t even that old.

What’s crazy is 2 of his songs came on my phone while listening to it on my way home from work. A whole 20 mins travel time. 2 songs. Haven’t listened to him in years. Eerie.

One of the comments I saw was “I never bought an album. I never had to.” The man was part of the zeitgeist, everywhere.

First concert I ever went to. My dad took me when I was 14 to the see him at Target center on the wildflowers tour. Still remember it. Got to see him one other time on the echoes tour. Great live show.

Stuff like this makes me feel so old…


He was up at the DECC in Duluth in 2004, a smaller venue, 2000 peeps, once he came out, we were all on our feet! No-one sat down, and he did 3 encores! It was one of those concerts you’ll never forget… Sneezles61

I first saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Bogarts in Cincinnati, OH in March 77. A buddy took me for my birthday. Saw them again in Louisville, KY in 78, my senior year of high school. Then when my wife and I were dating in 1986 we saw them at Poplar Creek in Chicago. I feel like I saw them at Nissan Pavilion in VA in the early 2000s but can’t find the ticket stub.

This says it all

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