60 vs 90 boil wort pH

I have been happy doing 60 minute boils in all my beers and have a nice repeatable process down: No DMS, clarity, saves propane, etc. I wonder if I am missing some benefits in additional pH reduction.
Would anyone happen to know if the additional 30 minutes would drive wort pH down further? My gut tells me it doesn’t and if it does it does only to a very small degree.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t have any data to back it up, but I would assume that the pH would lower just slightly as the H- ions are concentrated by the extra evaporation (assuming the same boil vigor for both the 60 and the 90 minute boils).

The only reasons to boil longer than 60 minutes are: 1) when using a significant percentage of pils malt and you need to drive off more of the DMS precursor (SMM), 2) when you want to purposely concentrate the wort and possibly carmelize it.

Thanks guys.