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6 row malt question

I brewed up a cream ale recently. 6 row malt has often been part of my cream ale recipe When I went to my LHBS and asked for some 6-row malt, he told me he did not carry it anymore. He gave some reasons he did not carry it now, which I am not concerned with; except that he said it does not contribute any difference in taste the beer. I have read that it does, and I have perceived a unique taste that it contributed to the beers I used it in. Was it my imagination?
For those of you who use 6-row: Do you perceive a distinctive difference in the taste from the 2-row that you use?

Absolutely, it has a distinctly different taste. Husky, or dare I say… grainy? :wink: There’s a reason 2-row is preferred over 6-row, and it’s mostly taste. But for a traditional beer like a cream ale, I think it’s a nice addition.

Weird that he is bailing on 6-row; our LHBS is selling a lot of it to people making spirits at home. Cream Ale as mentioned, pre prohibition lagers, probably some other styles utilize 6-row.

Lots of traditional British ales, too. I don’t know why it gets a bad rap, it certainly has its place.

Same thing. Do taste bit difference between 2 or 6 row. When i do taste the grains. I use at the brewery. 2 row. They got lots of it in store. Nice thing. Got my cost down on grains. Mill at the brewery take some home for my home brewing.

This is a good read about 6vs2 row Two-Row vs Six-Row Barley - American Homebrewers Association
Not being very scientific about brewing I started to glaze over but did finish the article. The pre-prohibition stye Pils recipe included does have some 2 row.

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