6.5 gallon acid-style carboy

I used this for the first time after deciding to get away from plastic carboys. Does anyone have this model? I was shoving the No. 6.5 Drilled Stopper in there after pitching my yeast and almost felt like I was going to push it all the way through, which would have been terrible. I wouldn’t mind seeing if it could actually go all the way through if there was nothing in there, but I was wondering if anyone knew if that was an issue or not? After that happened, I was really gentle when pushing it in with the airlock in place and didn’t really push it all the way in.

The issue I have had in the past with my 6.5 Gal carboy is that the brand new # 7 stopper is a little too big and wants to slide/pop out once fermentation begins but the # 6.5, like you said, can almost be pushed right into the carboy. Once you get a little use on the # 7 it will fit a little more snug. The problem is what to do in the mean time? I have been know to tape the stopper down with scotch tape. Not pretty but effective. My final solution was to get one of the maroon silicon(?) universal carboy caps for like $2. It works great.

I’ve variously used both the#6.5 and #7 stoppers on this style of carboy since the 1980s and have seen no problems. The #6.5 is smallish, but works fine and I’ve never come even close to pushing it through the opening; the #7 goes in far enough to do it’s job, and stays put…I’ve never had one pop out.
As GeerBoggles points out, the $2 maroon carboy cap is a good solution if you’re really worried about the rubber stoppers. Personally, I’ve found that they all work equally well.

You don’t need to shove the thing in really hard for it to seal. I personally like the orange or maroon caps that seal on the outside lip of the carboy, but they all work.

Wipe the stopper with cheap vodka, let it air dry for a minute, then insert, and it will stick nice and tight.

Noted. Thanks everyone.

+1…I’ve done that and it does work, like a charm. Alternatively, a light spray of StarSan works too.
On the other hand, I’ve even done plenty fermentations without a stopper or airlock…just foil over the top of the carboy.

Bottom line is, the stopper is the least of your worries.
And besides, worry is not good brewing practice to begin with (RDWHAH). :mrgreen: