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5 gallon JAOM

starting a JAOM tomorrowand i can’t find clear answers about ingredients.

i have 17.5# honey
10 minneolas (orange looking things smaller than pool balls)
4 gallons spring water
1 pack yeast

my question(s) - do i add 10 cloves or fewer? 5 cinnamon sticks? 125 raisins? whole raisins or would they be better cut in half? does it matter if they are golden raisins or regular?

I would suggest 5 cloves. They are very powerful.

5 boxes raisins or more for nutrients. Doesn’t matter what kind.

5 cinnamon sticks or less depending on your taste.

I would suggest 2-3 packs of yeast to give it a solid start.

Better brewing through science!

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