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5 days into Beano & no Activity

I have a stuck fermentation of an imperial stout that started around 1.080 and is at 1.035. I added one tablet of Beano on an attempt to reduce it at least to 1.020. Five days on I have seen zero activity at the surface of the beer on any of the last five days. Zero activity through the blowoff tube. I have read on this forum it may take a while for Beano to work. Please help set my expectations.

Other info of note: yeast is White Labs Irish ale, 5.5 gallon batch, been on carboy 3 weeks as of yesterday, last gravity reading was last Weds.

Recipe, mash temps, fermentation temps, age of yeast, starter/no starter…

Starter = yes (2 liter) fermented at 65f, yeast age unknown, rest of data to be shared when I get my other computer.

All Grain
8 oz flaked oats (toasted for 5 minutes prior to mash)
8 0z chocolate malt
8 0z black patent malt
1.5 lb Crystal 40L
5 lbs wheat malt
5lbs 2 row pale malt
5 lbs Munich

1oz Warrior (16AAU) & 1oz Vanguard (5.4 AAU) at 60 minutes
1oz Warrior & 1 oz Vanguard at 5 minutes

Mashed at 154F for 50 minutes with all grains except chocolate, black patent and crystal. Added those three grains with 10 minutes left in the mash to avoid too much astringency. Did a traditional mash in a cooler with a long (45 minute or so) sparge starting at 168F.
Pitched 2l starter with White Labs Irish Ale yeast (unknown date of production/expiry)

Are you using a hydrometer or refractometer for these readings?

I doubt it would matter if you under pitched some. I’ve mentioned before, I have a friend that uses 1 pack in 10g of ~1.050 beer and has no issues. But, is your starter on a stir plate? 2l would be normal on a stir plate. 1/4 a recommended size for no stir plate.

Have you taken a new gravity reading since you added the Beano? I have never used Beano, so I don’t know, but maybe it does it work without activity. Just a thought.

No stir plate :frowning:

No gravity reading since, I am waiting until Thursday to give it about a full week.

And used a hydrometer and not a refractometer.

I don’t have much…

Your specialty grains might be a little high percentage, 16.7%. With the late addition to the mash, I don’t know if that would cause much of a concern.

Is your thermometer accurate? Maybe you mashed higher than 154? Which I think is a little high to begin with.

The attenuation of the yeast is 69-74%. So your FG expectation in the range, 1.20-1.025. WL says it a high flocculater. Maybe it need a rousting to help it along?

Never having used Beano, I assume there would be some air lock activity. Maybe it started/stopped while you were not able to observe it?

Have your tried to raise the temp to get them working?

Check the gravity in a couple days and see if it drops.

All great advice. Largely I say this b/c I tried most of these already … Thermometer is not calibrated but is consistent with a thermapen I have.

I did roust them upon transfer to a secondary ferment carboy. Also shook them for fear of underoxigenated wort. Lets not discuss that particular move, not a shining moment and I realize that should be a last ditch effort.

I did raise to 74F (temp of my house) during transfer and thereafter for a couple days. I then placed back in 65F fridge after seeing no activity.

My neighbor bought some WL yeast in the same batch I did and indicated last night that his ferment was just starting to form a krausen after 3 weeks. That was a 1.050 beer with a starter. He thinks the yeast was just too compacted in the tube and that may have indicated it was old.

We’ll see. Thanks for the advice. If I have any follow up I’ll contribute it here.

I used Beano years ago, but don’t remember about airlock activity. It will continue to convert unfermentable sugars, even in the bottle.

After my experiment, I read something about adding in the mash, or pasteurizing before bottling.

i am going to add gelatin then transfer to keg and chill to kill yeast activity. no way I’d try this with bottling! :cheers:

You’ll be safe with kegging, but you won’t kill it. You may end up with some foamy pours. Good luck. :cheers:

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