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3gal ball-lock keg question?

Hello I added 3gal of water from a empty milk jug to measure were the 3gal water line is in my 3gal keg. Well I notice after filling it up with 3 gallons of water it cover up my gas dip tube. Now this is the same 3gal keg that northern brewer sell’s I have here a picture…

I would try filling the milk jug using a known accurate vessel to see where the one gallon mark is and try it again. I get the feeling some containers, like milk, might be slightly overfilled so no one can complain they got ripped off. Kind of like a bakers dozen.


Gas dip tube in the liquid is not a problem but that said it’s good to have a little head space

Best way is to measure water by weight if you have an accurate scale you can tare the weight of keg then fill with room temp water until you reach weight of 3 gallons I think it’s 8.34 lbs a gallon

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