30 Min Hop Addition

I often see a 30 min hop addition with various IPA recipes. What does it offer as far as bittering/flavoring? And why do that instead of a more typical 60/15-20 min addition?

That’s something I’ve never been able to figure out. I out a 30 min. addition in my Rye IPA recipe when I originally devised it. If I wrote that recipe these days, I probably wouldn’t. But I leave it in there because I like the way it turns out.

I don’t see a point to doing a 30 minute addition. Better to adjust your 60 minute addition to achieve the desired level of bitterness.

When I’m planning a hoppy beer such as an APA or IPA, I plan my late additions first. Then I configure a 60 minute addition to achieve the desired calculated IBU level.

I’ve only done (other than my Arrogant Bastard clone) done a 60 min bittering, 15-20 min flavoring, and 5 min aroma additional…until today. I made an oatmeal coffee stout with a 60 and 30 min addition. I figure 30 mins creates a moderate bitter/flavor effect, and I want the coffee to shine, but I wanted plenty of IBUs and wasn’t sure about sticking them all in the 60 min addition.

If you look at these clone recipes of some big name brews mostly coming from the brewers it seems there must be something to them. I only counted 3 didn’t have a 30 or 45 minute addition. http://byo.com/english-scottish-strong- … hop-clones

I included 45 and 30 minute additions in the double IPA I brewed yesterday. Its the first time I brewed the recipe and with mid boil additions so its not going to tell me much about 45-30 minute additions but I have a theory that those mid boil additions add a layered level of hop complexity that cant be achieved with only bitterness and late additions. It may be something that doesn’t translate well to a line graph but I think its something worth exploring

The jalapeño cream ale I’ll be brewing on Thur will also use a 60 and 30 min hop schedule. I guess I’ll get a clearer picture of the flavoring if the jalapeño doesn’t burn too quickly!

I can’t see any 30 min addition making enough of an overall impact that it would be all that significant.

I have been using a FWH addition lately that has got me hooked. If you want to play with a ballance of bitter and flavor, that would be the route to go in my opinion.

30 Min Hop Addition = A Waste of Good Hops

If you want bitterness, put the hops in at the beginning of the boil. If you want flavor, add the hops in the last 2-15 minutes. If you want aroma, add the hops in the last 0-2 minutes or dry hop. If you don’t know what you want or why you’re adding hops at all, add the hops at 30 minutes.

My very humble opinions.

The exception to the above rules, of course, is for “hop-bursted” beers where you want a ton of hop aroma and flavor with a lot of IBUs and as such you add most or all your hops in the last 15 minutes of the boil. But even then, you don’t need to add any at 30 minutes!

Couldn’t agree more… You want smooth bitterness FWH is the way to go…

waste of hops, except in some rare occurances.

Stick with your bittering addition and then I stay under 10 minutes and under for everything else.
Even after 0 you are still gettign bitterness while you are chilling

Well, I just can’t seem to leave things well enough alone. I’ve been reworking (again) this recipe, and changed it to a 4.25 gal batch and added an oz of Willamette to give me a 50 and 10 min addition for this jalapeño cream ale.

I had worked the hop schedule into what I had as I was trying to work with the remainder of hops I had and the small window of IBU’s for the style. It states there isn’t really an aroma addition for this style,and very little, if any, flavoring. So I assumed 30 mins would add a little bitter and a little flavor, but not too much of either.

I generally only do a 60-90 min bittering, 15-20 min flavoring, and 5 min aroma addition.

Agreed. I did brew a lawnmower beer a few years ago where I used Perle at 30 minutes for my bittering addition. The beer didn’t need many IBUs, and I was trying to extract that hint of mint out of the Perle hops, which seems to peak at about the 30 minute mark. Most brewers would avoid Perle additions at 30 minutes for exactly that reason, but this one came out pretty good and was refreshing for summer drinking.

The well known Pliny the Elder clone from RR has 1oz. Simcoe at 30.

You will get some bittering and some flavor at 30 albeit less on both.

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As well with Citra…in certain additions…at certain times…along with Simcoe and Mosaic.

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Has anyone ever done a 30 minute addition?