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30 gallon all grain brew

So gonna help. Him out. Next week. A cascade. Ipa. 1.060 grav beer. Did some calculation. For a 30 gallon batch. At 1.060. Using. 3 packs of dry yeast. Got to make a 3liter starter. With 531 grams dme. This seems right ???, acourding. Brewers friend

I would just make a small 3 gallon batch of pale ale and save the yeast. You can rack to a secondary after a few days and have some beer and plenty of healthy yeast


Like @brew_cat says, make a small batch and save the yeast. At that rate you’ll go broke just making starters.

Rehydrate the dry yeast before you add it to the starter wort if you do make a starter. Rehydrating the yeast will give you the best survival rate. Don’t use RO or distilled water to rehydrate. Osmotic pressure from the lack of minerals in RO and distilled water will damage the yeast cells.

Its not for me. For the new brew guy. He will give me everyrhing. I make the starter. For him. Its gonna cost me nothing

It will cost you time that could be spent brewing. Much more fun than making starters IMO

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Read the other thread on this new brew guy. Hopefully he will start listening to your experience and advice and will stop wasting expensive brews once he sees your methods work well for the island.

Well. You might think. Told him make a small batch first. But hey guess not. Dont want to claim i know everything

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I assume your talking about us05. That yeast will be worse than the saison yeast at those temperatures. You do have refrigeration down there you got to build a chamber

Did give him a link to yeastbay. He can search for the perfect yeast what works here. Even the new omega. Yeast.

Any yeast will work if he controls his temps

Suggest to him to get a brick of us-05. Its way cheaper at that scale.

But he has hard time with this i do predict. He has huge stainless steel fermentors. Kind of cool things. Searching for a cool system for him. Thinking about. A coil around it. And run a old airco. Atached

Build an insulated room and put a window air conditioner through the wall is a cheap way to do it.

The brewery he did put in his bar. The fermentor a ss conical fermentor. About 10 foot in lenght

I’m sure it looks cool but he’s going to brew crappy beer. Better to brew off site in a controlled environment and also have a good selection of commercial beers on tap if he wants to be successful. Just my opinion.

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Same thoughts.

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