3 weeks in the primary can i bottle this weekend

this is my 1 st batch of beer ( caribou slobber)it’s been 3 weeks in the primary as of today. can i bottle this weekend or should i wait until next weekend which will be 4 weeks in the primary. any thoughts

Did you take a hydrometer reading? Although I am 99.99% sure this would be done fermenting in 3 weeks you should take readings to make sure the gravity isn’t chaning. If you bottle too early you are risking “bottle bombs” as fermentation continues along with the fermentation of the priming sugar causing too much carbonation where the bottles actually explode.

The best advice I can give to you is let the beer tell you when its ready to bottle, not a calendar.

You should be good to go. Taking a hydro reading is ideal, but more than likely, if you had good fermentation in the beginning, then you’re ready. When I was new to it, I rarely took hydro readings at the end. Just let it sit for three weeks, as you did, then bottle.


i moved my carboy from my basement to the kitchen on thursday after work. i was in the kitchen just a few minutes ago and i had a bubble go thru the airlock. whats up with that. did the move have something to do with that?? can i still bottle or there more action in the carboy i should wait a little longer. i haven’t had a bubble like that for at least 2 weeks that i know of.

Some gas came out of solution because you moved it. No biggy.

so do you think i can still bottle today

Bottle away!!