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3 week fermentation ?!

Brewed my 6th beer which is the Sierra Madre pale ale extract kit and proud to say I was able to keep fermentation at a consistent 66-degrees for three weeks (no secondary). Used Safale-05.

Now for the question. There are still bubbles in the air lock about every 3 to 5 min. I have yet to do a gravity reading but pretty sure fermentation is complete and know that yeast will clean up after the active phase but is there something I’m missing as far as a yeast process that would produce gas causing the bubbles three weeks in.

My other brews have never done this but then again I had not worked out my system of keeping a consistent temperature throughout the whole fermentation process on those.

Any incite as to what is happening would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and have definitely been hooked on the brew hobby. Can’t wait to start my next one.

Glad you were able to control ferm temps and you’ll be rewarded with better beer. But no worries as the activity you see now is slow release of CO2 that was disolved in the beer during the ferment.

Airlock isn’t an accurate way of knowing what is going on with the beer. Every now an then someone posts that their beer suddenly started actively fermenting again, when all that happened was a low front came through which allowed more CO2 to come out of solution.

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