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3 new hop variaties at Northern Brewer

New Zealand Super Alpha Hop Pellets 1 oz. - HP102 - Typical Alpha: 10-12%. A high alpha acid variety from New Zealand that can be used for bittering or aroma additions. Super Alpha has a soft aroma that is mainly floral with a bit of citrus, giving impressions of lemongrass and aromatic cedar. … -1-oz.html

New Zealand Green Bullet Hop Pellets 1 oz. - HP103 - Typical Alpha: 11-14%. A relatively new hop variety with good, clean bittering properties. Used as an aroma hop it provides a spicy, grassy flavor with hints of lime. ... -1-oz.html

New Zealand Pacific Gem Hop Pellets 1 oz. - HP101 - Typical Alpha: 13-15%. A high alpha acid hop variety from New Zealand. Pacific Gem has strong bittering properties and an intense aroma of ripe melon with earthy and floral tones. … -1-oz.html

Very interesting!

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