3 gal or not to 3 gal

I want to mess around with a brown ale a little. I was thinking about trying 3 gal brew. I think NB does 3 gal. If they do, is there anything that I need to do or not to do on brew day? I am going to try different hops. Looking for more hoppiness. I have group “c”, watch have cassacde, and group “L”, with liberty.

Extract or all grain?

Where you thinking about dry hopping to get the added hoppy-ness? If so, consider dry hopping in 2 qt canning jars. A gallon of wort, split into three jars, gives you three different dry hop options. 40 oz in each jar yields three bottles - which is enough to decide if the result is good (or not).

I am going to do an all grain. Not sure about dry hop. Never used a dry hop. I am looking to use 3-4 different hops in each group. Not sure If I am going use the “c” or “L” group yet. I think I can get dry cascades and centennial.

Can you post the brown ale recipe you are using as a starting point (are you using the 5 gal all grain Caribou Slobber as a starting point)?

All good, yet the brown malt will hinder the hops to s degree. I won’t say you won’t be able to tell, just won’t shine through. Sneezles61

3-gallons is a great batch size. No problems for me boiling the batch on the kitchen stove. (Well, the steam build up is a bit of a hassle) Comfortable All-grain, all year round; no freezing my @$$ off in winter, or sweat dripping into the kettle in summer.
I have some 5-gallon carboys that I used to use as secondary’s that I use as primary’s for 3-gallon batches. I even have a couple 3-gallon kegs, but it’s really hard to find a good deal on them.

I wish NB had a better selection of 3-gallon kits, and I wish any of the competition sold 3-gallon kits. But there are so many 6-gallon recipies on the Internet to cut in half it’s pretty easy. BeerSmith also will scale any size recipe to any size you like.

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My thoughts were to just use NB brown. I wanted to do a 3 gal to see. I originally wanted to get two 3gal and do one group of hops in one and the other group in the other. I did a caribou slobber and liked it. I did look at the grains to see what I liked, but I was not sure what I was looking for. First time trying something different. If NB does not sell 3gal ,I’ll get one 5 gal kit.

I would think that would help to save money by getting a 5 gallon kit and cut it in half, Maybe then you’d get extra yeast and hop? Sneezles61