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3 gal in 5?

I’m sure this has been covered - but any problem with putting 3 gallons in a 5 gallon corny? Anything different about the process? Thanks

You will be fine, just be sure to vent the O2 out and fill the headspace with CO2. :cheers:

Yeah, you’re 2 gals. closer to kicking a keg. :wink:

i do 5 for primary as fermentation process produces plenty of CO2, but i use 3gal for secondary.


edit: ooops, read corny as carboy. (needs new reading glasses)

I sanitize my cornies by filling them to the tippy top and then pushing it out with CO2 into another keg. That leaves the keg cleaned, sanitized and full of pressurized CO2. Not a molecule of O2 in sight.

I do it exclusively. Nothing wrong with it, just purge the headspace a little more and you’re good. I still seal the keg with 30 PSI, pull the relief valve a few times, and you’re good to go.


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