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3 Floyds zombie dust

Just curious if anyone has tried this brew? I found a clone recipe and it sounds like it could be good.

I cant get this locally to try so looking for some opinion of thoose herewho have tried it.

Secondly, anyone brew any of the clone recipes out on Brewers Friend site?

I made a clone a few years back and it was very good. All Amarillo IIRC. I’m not usually big on American Wheats, but this is hoppy enough to where it crosses the line into the realm of awesome. A cask festival by me also had a somewhat shady cask of it, as its not available in NY (I believe one of the proprietors drove to a state where the brewer arranged a cask to be sent). Great stuff.

Zombie Dust is a single hop (Citra) pale ale and it’s fantastic! IMO, Citra hops are either a love or hate. Some fall in the middle, but most fall on either side. If you are unsure if you like Citra, find this beer and find out. It’s a relatively easy clone. Pretty simple APA with Citra the whole way.

Bah. Forget everything I said. I was thinking of Gumballhead, their AWA which is all Amarillo. ZD is also excellent though, that’s what was in the cask.

Too many beers (for the market and for me).

Yes, that is the one…all citra!

I used citra for the first time several weeks ago in a triple hop IPA. Came out very nice IMO so I’m a fan.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definately put this one in my To Brew List!

It’s hard to get for sure but it’s is delicious. Brewed many beers with citra. Careful on the bittering end with them, I’ve found I’ve gone overboard with them and the flavor and aromas didn’t come through like they should. Beersmith has a great clone of it in the user recipe section.

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