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3 Floyds BackMasking Oatmeal Stout

Funny story about this beer. I think 3 Floyds is getting so hyped up it’s ridiculous. The other day I’m at my favorite watering hole and I noticed they had Backmasking on tap, so I ordered 1. It showed up in a little 12 ounce tulip, and it was outstanding. Then the bill came. :oops:


So i have the waitress send over the manager. Manager comes over with that look on his face. I told him I’m not trying to get anything for free, I insist on paying my bill in full, because I ordered the beer and I really enjoyed it. I just think if a beer costs this much, you should put the price on the menu, or mention it when a customer orders it, or at least put an * next to it and call it premium pricing or something because I would never order a $9 beer. His response was… “Sir, it’s from 3 Floyds!”


It’s a really nice beer, but that’s ridiculous. A lot of places jack the price up just because it’s Three Floyds. There’s a local bottle shop that sells Alpha King for $15, just because. And that’s a place that’s less than 10 miles from the brewery, which sells it for around 10.

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