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2nd fermentation wk 3 starting to re-foam now

Friday the tempter in the room I’m fermenting some Caribou Slobber in dropped.
The carboy was at about 68 degrees now it’s down to around 64 degrees.
It’s in the third week of the secondary fermentation. There is some foam across part of the beer and it bubbles about every 50 seconds. Before it bubbled maybe every 4 or 5 minutes. Next week I was going to bottle it should I wait now if so how long?

As you have probably read, the community is split on if it is necessary to transfer a beer from the primary fermenter to a aging/bright tank. (secondary fermenter, you would be adding additional fermentables. Names of different processes is another topic. )

You had it in the primary for 1 week? Then it’s been in an aging tank for 3 weeks? Do you have a hydrometer? If so, take a reading today, then another one in 2 days. If it’s the same the beer is finished. 4 weeks is long enough for that beer.

More than likely you are seeing the yeast still in suspension clumping together. If it had an infection you would see a new kaursen ring on the side of the carboy. And it would probably smell like vinegar, because it turned to vinegar. If it is vinegar, save it for your friends that have a smoker.

Yes it was in the primary for 1 week, then it’s been in an aging tank for 3 weeks. It still smells like beer. I don’t have a hydrometer yet this is my first brew. Thanks for your help Nighthawk

Don’t trust bubbles. CO2 can come out of suspension and that is not a secondary fermentation. If you racked too soon (1 week is rarely enough, although smaller beers can finish that quickly), then it is possible that the remaining yeast was roused into a secondary fermentation, due to the racking and the temperature change. Ultimately, get yourself a hydrometer and take a hydrometer reading until you get 2 or (better) 3 consecutive readings at least a day or so apart.

Welcome to the forum - read up on the topics presented and don’t be afraid to ask questions; you will find differing opinions on some things, but the debate is always worth reading.


Thanks for the information Ynotbrusum. I picked up a hydrometer today and will be checking it a few times over the next 5 days. Tried a little of the beer tasted very week but not bad.

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