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2nd Brew- Honey Weizen

Hello everybody,

As the topic says this is my second brew. I brewed this last Sunday so it’s young, only 3-4 days old. My previous brew was the caribou slobber. My first turned out awesome. So brew day went off without a hitch. I brewed 6 gal and finished just under 5 after the boil. Cleaned and sanitized everything possible. I added the hops at 60 with the liquid extract, let it brew for 60 minutes and at the 3 minute mark I added 2lbs of honey (I added an extra lb). Transferred it to the primary fermenter. I made sure to aerate the wort after adding some water to bring it to the full 5 gal. I pitched the yeast at 65 degrees (US-06 dry yeast just poured onto the wort). Just checked on it today and it looks good. It’s fermenting at 64-66 degrees, it’s lightened up in color and smells amazing. My only concern is the foam cap looks small. My caribou slobber needed the blow off hose but this one doesn’t look like it’s gone above 2 inches thick. I appreciate the help everybody!

(I can’t post a photo right now because the file is too big, I will come back and add the photo later)

I also added a whirlfloc tablet in the last 15 minutes of the boil

I don’t have any experience with that yeast but if you have a krausen at all, you should be alright. I would wait about 7-10 days and take a gravity reading. With the honey in there you can expect this to probably finish around the 1.013-1.009 range. Take a second reading a few days later to make sure its the same

Hey, thank you for the information! I don’t have a hydrometer yet (my next investment). But I’m going to just let it do it’s thing then, thanks man

Fermentations come in all shapes and sizes. I’m sure it’s doing just fine.

RDWHAHB :cheers:

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