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2L Starter

Quick question(s): when boiling down the wort for a 2L starter there is always evaporation. I usually boil my DME solution for 10 minutes and wind up with roughly 1.7L of wort. In the past I would let that ride, and cool the wort, and pitch my yeast, then off to the stir plate for a day or two. However, this time I topped off, about 300ML of water. By doing some quick math, that would reduce the starters gravity down to 1.031 from 1.036.

Two fold Q:

  1. Does this really make an impact on a starter?
  2. Do people dilute their starter back to 2L or let it ride after the boil

But now that you got me thinking, I wonder if this is like an extract batch. Is the OG of the starter is fixed. What I mean is, like an extract batch, as long as you add the entire amount of DME/LME and your water amounts your OG is as the recipe states. If it is, then topping off would take you back to 1.036. I think. :lol:

I start with more water than I need but the amount of dme for the final volume. For example for a 1500ml starter I add 150 grams of dme with 1800 ml of water and boil to 1500ml which should get me 1.035-1.040(if I recall correctly)

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