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240v pid controller diagrams

Looking for a Herms pid controller diagram nothing fancy. That I can run 5500 watt elements in my keggles and dual pumps. Does anyone know how much one would be to build. I have seen the electric brewing site wants over 1500 just for the parts and like 2800 for one built. That is way more than I want to invest at this time. Finishing my keggle builds now.

Also would like to do at least 10 gallon batches

If you’re asking about the kettle build, you can build it using mostly hardware store parts. I ordered the o-rings and washers from the recommended seller. I also used a hole saw instead of the expensive hole punch the electric brewery recommends. For a hole saw, use lots of cutting oil and go slowly, then dress the rough edges GENTLY with a round file.

For the control system, I use an SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier) from e-bay or Amazon ( to control boil intensity. Edit: You’ll need a fan to keep the SCR cool. If it gets too hot it’ll turn off.

I use an STC-1000 and a relay ( to bring water to a specific temp without having to watch it constantly.

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