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23 Thing Homebrewers Are Tired Of Hearing

Saw this on my Facebook today. Too funny! ... aring-ghjm


Very funny. Especially the blue moon one.

#5 and #19 are my favorites. Those are the most seamless video loops I’ve ever seen, and the cat is hilarious.

Despite being pretty new to homebrewing…

Yea… that sums it up.

awesome and so true

So true. My daughter had emailed me that link this week as well. Loved it.

So uh … when do you add the alcohol?

Those are the best, so funny. I think Greg’s is great, I’ve actually had people ask that. Mine is, the night I quit drinking Coors, I was in a bathroom in Idaho Springs[ 20 miles upstream from Coors] and the sign on the wall said “Please flush, Coors needs the water!!” I was 18 at the time.

Home brewing? Oh yea I tried that once in college. It was horrible.

I had a guy working on my kitchen this past month and he saw my Immersion Chillers. He asked what kind of brandy I was making. I told him that was against the law and I only made beer and wine.

He looked at me and grinned and said - “yeah, I used to run a still too… what kind of brandy are you making?”

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