2015 Mosaic hops

I just received a half pound of Mosaic hops from Yakima Valley Hops and they smell onion/garlicky! I didn’t know this to be a characteristic of the Mosaic hop. Anybody else get any of these? It the 2015 Mosaic pellets. Will I taste what I smell if I use them?

Not necessarily, but my last batch did not smell oniony. Maybe dry hop something with them before committing to a whole batch?

I did dryhop a batch on Monday and plan on kegging tomorrow. I guess I’ll see what becomes of it but I’m not feeling to good about it.

I got my Mosaics from a different source and noticed the same thing. Not nearly as bad as the Eureka hops which were super onion.

I did use these Mosaics in a dry hop and that character didn’t come accross in the finished beer.