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2004-20013 nhc gold medal recipes

Here are the 2004-2013 NHC Gold Medal winning recipes indexed by BJCP subcategory. For me it’s a good baseline for recipe formulation, kind of like a modern day Designing Great Beers. A great way to get to know a style. Click on the links to take you to the AHA page recipes.
Enjoy! ... s-for.html

Interesting recipes, especially the Olive beer (!)

Excellent post, man. This is well worth looking at for recipe formulation tips. As picky as you’d think judges would be, though, there are definitely some recipes in there that don’t conform to BJCP style guidelines at all. That “untitled” recipe for the 80/- Scottish ale is WAY over the top of the range on OG, for one example. But hey- if a beer is really good… :cheers:

Fantastic resource, thanks for posting it! I was just racking my brain on what sort of recipe to do next, now I have plenty to pick from. :smiley:

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