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2 year 100% Brettanomyces finally in the glass

A little more than two years ago I brewed seven all Brettanomyces brews and this the first to be keged. All seven are from strains I collected from fruit and built it up. This one aged for 19 months on tart cherries giving it this unique color and slightly tart finish. The aroma is slightly tropical( passionfruit cherry pineapple and lemon grass. Taste is amazing its cherry tartness lingers for a bit amost like a aged oak sherry dry, and bursting with bready funk


Sounds incredible. Will you bottle it?

I bottled 2.5 gallons and kegged 2.5 gallons of it the kegs not going to last long but thats ok i got six more to keg and bottle that should be just as wonderful

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You inspired me to run down to the basement and grab a bottle of one of my aged beers. Just the ticket.

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Im on fifth glass now. I still enjoying it and picking up more nice aroma at different temperatures

I’m drinking an imperial Porter no way could I do five of these

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I’m glad your patience paid off. I have a couple that I’m aging as well but I’ve made many beers with brett in the last 2 years that I just drank and did not age for extensive periods of time. I’m on the fence about wether these brett beers were better young or old.

Impressive Color.

Here is number 2 of the 2 year old Brett beers. This one no fruit added to it. . Saison recipe with flaked oats and wheat. Hoped with Citra. Its got a little more funk than the number 1. The taste is bready like wheat toast and pine nuts a little citrus lemon and light leather funkiness that seems to mingle well together. Its aroma reminds me of juniper berries, citrus and baked bread. Its also got a yeasty kind of musk tanned leather aroma that I really like with its bready flavor.

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