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2 weeks and still got action ......jeeze

So as some may know i brewed a few batches a couple weeks ago and they all took off like rockets !!

Today supposedly per instructions i was supposed to bottle, however with the air lock activity Im still seeing im def not trying to make bottle bombs. So tonight after 2 weeks i took a beer theif and curiouly read the gravity. Adjusted to temp they are as follows
Rye stout
1.014 so round 4%abv
wheat Beat down
1.011 4.2%
Oktoberfest (mocktoberfest)
1.017 a balmy 3% taste like a glorified budwiser … (true brew kit not mine my brothers batch)

No original gravitys taken due to extract kits and going on all the kits OGs … i know, shame on me …

None are bottled just wort tasted after readings

The rye stout taste fantastic as is but thats still the most active in the air lock. They are all beer which is good they arent too sweet nor with any crazy sour or off flavors so im doing good there just low in ABV which also is ok … i guess we will never know witihout a Og though huh ??

My question is this … i was “planning” on a 3 week primary due to all the action that ive been seeing ( in the airlocks fellas ) i was getting curious to where we were so I took reading tonight and plan to when the fermenting stops to verify … if that EVER happens, jeeeze louise … Could it not be done in the primary after 2 weeks ?? Am i gonna see any increase in abv or just a cleaner tasting beer ? Or should I shut up stop being a noob, open another store bought brew and forget about it and say its done when its done??

I don’t know if you did extract or partial, but the partial mash for the wheaten beatdown has an OG of 1065 with an expected final of 1.016, which according to ibrew is about 6.4% alcohol. Having said this, i’m surprised that you say that it is still bubbling away. I would think that it would be done. atleast as far as primary ferm is considered.

I would leave it on the yeast for longer to condition it some before either racking to keg or a secondary to allow it to condition further. Thats just me though.

It came with grains that were steeped preboil my recipe says 1.045 og …if anything had slowed down its the wheat… dry yeast pitched they rye however is still going at it with the liquid wyeast…I am thinking about secondaring the wheat though to clear it it some as its murky ,I know its a characteristic of the style some what but she’s pretty cloudy

ps i def could be off on my calculations as this is my first run at it I poured it into a program online somewhere and got those numbers accounting for the 68 deg wort temp

Best thing is to take two readings two days apart. If they are the same the beer should be done.

If you’re still worried, you can either rack to secondary or just leave them in the primary for another week or two and they’ll taste just fine!

yeah i was figuring that there couldnt be too much difference on the gravity within 24 hrs so ill wait till tomorrow night and if its the same ima bottle em and get on with brewing some more beers… they seem done really i mean they are 4 week kits … and fermentation started with in 5-8 hours from the pitch …

thanks guys

Edit: there is no krausen on any of them … just air lock activity

[quote=“Bunn”]Edit: there is no krausen on any of them … just air lock activity[/quote]Sounds like CO2 coming out of solution. You can bottle when you see fit.

thanks just the insight i was looking for on all accts guys ! I appreciate it greatly :slight_smile:

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