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2 stage spunding valve

Put this together. Would like to naturally carbonate some of my beer I figure with this setup I can add extra sugar and use the excess to maintain some other kegs or condition 2 at once . Anyone have inputUploading…

Exciting project. All I know about spunding is from this article…

For me, its gotta be a “down the road” project… But it is on my list… I’ve had some awesome results cask conditioning, but this would make it possible to have just the right carbonation… Even if you where 5 points over FG, rack into keg and let it finish up… I really enjoy cask ales… I mean really! Sneezles61

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Can you re-upload the pic please. It never displayed.

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Pretty simple had most of the parts. Ordered the 0-20psi relief valve

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That’s pretty cool!

What are you capturing the CO2 in?

After the keg reaches 20 psi from the conditioning keg I’ll hook up another keg to capture the c02 and use it to add carbonation or at least maintain carbonation in that second keg. I may need some type of check valve.


See if you can get it from a compressor part store. Just rebuild a bauwer compressor. And did get some 20 psi check valves. Nice they are stainless steel

Thought I would revive this topic. Last fall before heading south I primed 4 kegs and stashed them for spring. Even though it’s not spring like I got one out to put in the kegorator and sure enough it’s over carbed. Looks like all of them might be even though I dialed back the sugar amount from NBs calculator.

So I’m thinking about spunding valves. Your set up looks pretty simple @brew_cat. How is it working? I’m not planning to capture the CO2 would just like to control the carbonation and maybe fix the overcarbed beer. I might go 4 kegs. I assume they would all equalize to whatever I set the valve at.

Right now I’m doing the pull the PR valve and check or pour a few without the CO2 connected.

This single one costs about what I can buy the parts for or less The one review is pretty bad but the leaks can be fixed and I have QDs.

I bought 2 spending valve setups… I didn’t work for me…
The first batch of this red ale I’m enjoying was waaayyy over carbed… So I put the gas connection on, without any tubing hooked to it, let it sit over night… I was back in business the next morning… Sneezles61

You are saying you just put the QD on open with nothing connected to it to let it settle? The beer I’m drinking now started out like shaving cream. I pulled the pressure release a couple of times and hooked it up without the gas connected. Now it’s still pretty fuzzy but settles down nicely. That rarely works for me.

I thought maybe the spunding valve would have let just enough out to fix it. Gotta wonder if you would have to set it high first so there wasn’t such a fast blow out that foam and beer blew out. Then gradually dial it down until it reached 12psi or so.

Still hoping someone bought one of the ones I linked on Amazon to get a better review. Guess I can always get one and if it sucks send it back.

Yes, just the QD and I left it in the keezer… Sneezles61

And the carbonation level was OK the next day or did you have to start over.

The problem I had was I was leaving it unattended and it never built up enough pressure to seal the keg.

Might work for me then. I always give it a blast of CO2 to seal the lid. Ideally finding the right amount of sugar would be the solution.

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Yup. Sneezles61

I have keg one of four on draft and with the CO2 not connected and pouring a few it is calmed down. If I connected a spunding valve to one of the others that were primed with the same amount of sugar so I would guess are over carbed and dialed it to 12lb or so would it release the right amount of gas? Two are warm the other is a fridge.

Seems like it would instantly release anything over 12 and spray foam. What I wondered before is if setting it high enough that it only blew out a small amount then slowly dialing it down might be the key.

Have determined that the calibrations on the spending valve are correct? It took some messing around but I got them to the point were I could adjust to CO2 pressure to where I like it and just a whisker bit more you’d hear the valve leaking out the gas…
Warm brews are… Carbinating? I’d let them finish in the kegs… then chill for a few days and the apply the spending valve… Sneezles61

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