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2 row saison

Has anyone here ever done a smash saison recipe using strictly 2 row? I was thinking about using 10 lbs of 2 row, 1.5 oz saaz at 60 mins, .5 oz saaz at 20 and another .5 saaz at flameout. Plan on using the French saison 3711 by wyeast. Any thoughts on how this might turn out?

Saison is a seasonal farmhouse ale based on ingredients you have on hand at the time. If you only have 2-row because it was a hard winter, I’d say it’s perfectly acceptable. It’ll be a simple beer with just 2-row and not a lot of hops, but sometimes that’s just fine. Brew on!


In addition, this might be a good opportunity to observe what your fermentation management with that yeast produces in terms of phenols and esters.

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Exactly. I’m doing a saison this am with what I have on hand. 2-row a little Munich and some wheat straight Lublin hops. We will have to compare

Should work out fine. It will be a good test of what this yeast can do for flavor as well.

What yeast strains are you using? I usually use white labs saison 565 but thought I would try something else

This what I have been using this summer and I love it.
Since it’s a blend I’m waiting for a strain dominance to form after I harvest it but 3 batches in and I still prefer it to everything else I’ve been using

If you wanted to make it a bit more interesting, you could always toast some base malt in the oven. Or some oats.

I actually have some Munich and wheat as well. How much were you going to add? I might do 2 separate batches. The first one with the munich so I can put it on my roselare yeast cake which currently has a Flanders red in it, and then just do a plain 2 row saison for summer drinking.

55/30/15 2Row/Munich/Wheat 3711yeast. Did 6 gallons. It’s going to come out around 7.5 ABV. I’m going to pull out a gallon add a little water to knock it down to build up some dregs from a couple bottles of Crooked Stave. I’ll end up with 5gallons of saison and an 8pack of a sour saison. And a good slurry of lacto/Bret to start my zoo keg

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Let me know how it turns out please.

That sounds pretty good. I’ll have to try that. I used to save saison slurry but I think something is lost on subsequent pitched. I’ll throw one vial in a 5 to stress it.

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Of course

Good deal. I’ve heard sour saisons are quite tasty.

Might feed it a little cranberry juice

I’m adding Soursop/guanábana to my Saison (secondary) this weekend as well as some Brett

To lazy to look that up

That’s why i made it so you just click on the red text and it looks it up for you. LOL

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