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2 different beers from 1 wort

I am looking for some advice on making 2 different beer styles with 1 wort (2 different yeast strains). Ideally I’d like one to be a session IPA, dry-hopped pale ale, or a NEIPA, and the other to be a sour. If possible, I’d prefer the sour to be somewhat easy, by just pitching a yeast that wll achieve decent sour results if that’s possible. I wouldn’t dry hop the sour, so the 2 beer styles achieved would be different even though the malt bill is the same. The sour could have some FV additions though to the primary or secondary to make it interesting. What would you recommend? Thanks

The issue you’re going to run into is that wort that you want to sour with lacto is going to be inhibited by IBUS, even low amounts. Some cite no more than 8IBUS but some manufacturers say anything over 4! There is a Lallemand Philly Sour yeast that you pitch like regular yeast that will sour while fermenting.
If you want to go this route you could make your NEIPA and keep the IBUS low. When it comes to your massive late hop additions pull the wort you want to sour, chill, and introduce your lacto.

There was a presentation at Homebrew con in 2019. Guys made like 4 different beers from 1 mash. It inspired my wife and I to try doing an IPA and a milk stout from the same mash. It actually worked.

IIRC we started with magnum at at the start of the boil. After about 30 min we pulled out half, and added water that had been steeping the roasted and other malts. Lactose was also added Diluting with steeping grains cut the IBUs in the stout which was just a 30-minute boil.

Meanwhile the IPA continued to 60 minutes with additional boil hops and a gravy boost from extract.

The beers were both good, I wouldn’t compete them, but they were enjoyable. It was a great experience, I’d recommend those tricks like playing with dilution and extract boosts, and boil time management.

Anyway, I have zero desire to try it again… “A wise man climbs Mount Fuji once; only a fool climbs it twice”

So its sounds like more work. Mash its only one but than you boil two different wort at the same time with different hop schedules?

I used to do a bunch of parti-gyle brews. Plenty of options. Can split the wort at different stages and add stuff like different hops sugar and DME. For a sour I’d start the boil add a small amount of bittering hops then pull off some wort after a couple minuets into the boil for your sour then add the rest of your bittering hops. Ive done as many as 3 beers from one mash. My advice is write it all out to follow while brewing because it can get complicated. It was a fun expieriment not something I do on a regular basis though

In this situation you could get by with the same grist for both beers. Since NEIPA have low bittering charges you could boil it for the 60mins and pull off the amount of wort you want to sour. Then on the other wort add your hops for the NEIPA.

i guess it would depend on the gravity of the sour you are trying to get to. if you boil longer you would raise the gravity. You can add water to adjust the gravity though. I see your point @loopie_beer about a NEIPA since you often dont add a bittering charge. I was approaching the problem from a recipe with a early bittering addition.

You’re right. Imperial gose. New style. :wink:

Sour and power. I like it.

Sour power hour?

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Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like a sour using Philly Sour, and a NEIPA are achievable by splitting the wort, since no bittering hops are used for either styles (typically). The NEIPA wort can get end of boil (standing) hop additions, while the other half of the wort for the sour is chilling. A little more work but worth th effort if succesful.

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