2 5 gallon brew kits

I have a large enough boil pot to brew 2 Northern Brewer Bavarian Hefeweizen Extract Kits together. Is there any reason not to do this? I plan to brew both kits and since this is a very easy kit I thought it would be possible. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

I can’t think of any reason not to - people do 10, 20, + gallon batches all the time. Not sure how this would be any different.

Well I would need to split that batch into 2 5 gallon fermentors. I have a 10 gallon pot and to brew 2 kits you only need 5 gallons to start. I have a copper wort chiller to bring it all down to temp.

Five gal. fermenters won’t be big enough for a Bavarian hefe. German hefe yeast can be a monster to control. You can certainly brew them, but you might consider 7 gal buckets and blow-off tubes for fermenting. :cheers:


1 10 gallon pot isn’t enough to boil a 10 gallon batch unfortunately. I suppose if you wanted you could boil 7 gallons and top up with three of water… But I wouldn’t describe that as an ideal situation.
I would suggest doing 2 5 gallon batches separately.

I agree with the above. I assumed you had a 12-15 gallon pot. Better off doing full boils with 1 batch at a time than a condensed boil trying to do both batches. Also, agree on the fermenters - make sure you do not ferment 5 gallons in a five gallon vessel or you will have a mess.

I have brewed this before in the 5 gal fermentor and no problems. I hear about blow off tubes and such but didnt have any issues. I used the liquid yeast. I brewed 2 of this kit before I just did two seperate ones.

have fun then.