1st time brewer...1 gal. Small batch brew

In the basement during winter I put the fermentation vessel up off the floor. It will be a little bit warmer since the floor surface is colder than the ambient room temp.

Thanks for the advice!

Bottled 6 &1/2 beers yesterday (not sure if he 1/2 will work but it’s all i had left). The beer smelt great so I hope that’s a good sign. I noticed that 2 of the caps were not perfect but still on tight, is that a problem? I’ve got the bottles back In The boiler room that keeps a temp between 68-70degrees. The plan is another 3 weeks before the taste test. I got everything cleaned and sanatized.

Looking to brew my next 1 gallon batch in the next few days. I purchased the White House Honey Ale. Any suggestions on brewing that recipe? If all goes well with it, I plan on moving up to a 5gallon batch! (6+ bottles of beer is not worth all the work)

The only reasons I can think of for brewing such a small amount is that it teaches you the basics without worrying that you’re going to ruin a big batch, or you want to try a bunch of different beers and you’re not sure you’ll like them, or you live in a tiny apartment and don’t have space.

It is about the same amount of work (not including bottling!) to make pretty much any size batch of beer, if you have the equipment to support the batch size. The hard part is trying to balance your batch size - and the size equipment you buy - with the amount of brewing you want to do and how much beer you drink. Right now, I am torn between keeping at 5 gallon batches, or downgrading to 3 gallon batches so I can brew more frequently.