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1st Falconers Flight IPA

Hoping to make 5 gallons (extract) of an IPA or Pale Ale featuring Falconers Flight hops for flavor and aroma. It will be my first time using those hops so I’m attempting a simple but enjoyable recipe with balance. My plan is below but would like some feedback;

7 lbs DME
0.5lbs Corn Sugar
1lbs Caramel 20L
1oz magnum 60m
1oz FF 10m
1oz FF 5m
1oz FF whirlpool
1oz FF into primary at high krausen
1oz FF into secondary before kegging

Any insights would be appreciated, thanks!

What kind of yeast you gonna use. For this brew i would recomend. Us4. Yeast. Your grav think will be 1.055 og. Fg 1.013 1.010 a ibu of. 72. ? Never used falconflight. But if iam right. A sort of cascade you might want to add some irish moss 15 min before end of boil. Have fun

I planned on using 04 for yeast and adding whirlfloc towards the end of the boil.

I should clarify that my concerns are mostly regarding the malt to hops ratio and suspected overall taste. Does the grist seem ok? That amount and type of Crystal malt seem appropriate?

Do think so. One thing i did do brewing extract. Did steep my specialty grains separte. 1 gal of water. Once done add to the boil kettle. So got some extra wort. Due to boil off ratio. Are you doing full boil. Or add water. At end of boil. Think your fine. Hops. Flav wise. Falcon flight. Has a 9.5 aa acid. If you are concerned. Add only 0.5 oz. The last 5 min. The other. 0.5 oz. During. Whirl pool

How’d the IP turn out?

My son-in-law and I brewed this last month, and it turned out great. A little higher ABV than we want for our next batch, but hit the taste we were looking to clone from a local brewery’s Falcon Smash. Converted it from all grain to extract using Beersmith.

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