1st AG

Brewed my first AG yesterday, made a SMaSH beer.
10# maris otter
3 oz mosaic 1 @60, 1@010, and 1 dry hop.
OG 1.047
WY 1272 I harvested from earlier batch.
So I hope it turns out ok.

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Sounds nice. How did your mash go?

Went well I think, used BIAB in my keggle. The only problem was I did not have enough water for
mashing so came up about 1 gal short after boil. I did not squeeze the bag just poured about 1 gal of wort over mash and let drain while heating for boil.

If after the boil you end up with less volume and a higher OG you can add water after the boil. Also if you end up with a low OG and to much volume you can a DME. You can also just leave it alone.

Yeah after boil I had an og of 1.065, then after adding the one gal I was short og was 1.047.

That’s the trick, you can only add enough water to get it to the OG you want. If you are really stuck on getting your exact volume and exact OG you may have to add a little DME to that gallon. Being your first all grain I wouldn’t worry to much about it. But after a few mashes you should be able to get the same efficiency from every mash and then you can adjust the recipe to reflect that. If you calculated and hit your efficiency adding the volume of water back in after the boil should end up at what you calculated. I hope I’m making sense. It’s not that complicated as I’m making it sound. For now just concentrate on getting a consistent efficiency no matter what it is.

I will,Thank you for your advice.

Here’s the first AG in the fermenter.

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I see you have your glass ready

Just a question about adding DME. When you add DME to a boil, the boil coagulates the proteins out which ends up as trub in the pot. If you just add DME to the wort after the boil, will that cause problems since it was not boiled? Or am I wrong that the trub comes from the DME? That always confused me since the DME is malt that has already been boiled during the dehydration process. Crap! I am so confused now.

DME has already gone through a hot break, so there will be quite a bit less trub with DME than AG. It hasn’t gone through a good cold break, though. Adding a pound or less isn’t going to have much impact, as even the cold break proteins will settle out on their own over time.


If I have to add DME after the boil I add to a little boiling water chill it and toss if in