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1800w Burton Induction Plate

Anyone brew with an electric burn plate? I cut down to 2.5 gal extract batches and was thinking this would be a nice option instead of the usual propane burner. I found a few reviews from brewers with mixed results. I realize it may take a while longer to get my 3.5 gal of wort boiling but it’s not like I can’t have a few brews while I wait. :lol: I found A Burton 1800w on Amazon for $75. ... B0037Z7HQK

If this works out I may go back to all grain in smaller batches. A guy could make a nice gravity system with 2 or 3 of these.

Nice idea, but IIRC, induction doesn’t work with stainless steel unless its a special magnetized version.

Just checked my kettle and a magnet sticks to the bottom, does that count?

Yep, that will work. Most stainless pots will attract a magnet and work on an induction burner.

That looks like it could be an option for someone trying to brew in an apartment. Not a huge risk at that price. You could even do all grain using it in conjunction with your stove. If I had the cash to spare, I’d probably grab one for heating sparge water/small scale winter brewing. Even ships free if you have Amazon Prime. If you get it, post your time to boil.

I went ahead and bought one, I’ll let you know how it goes. There are also some more powerful induction plates out there but they are 220v and cost twice as much.

Update on my new burner. Did 2 test boils with 100 degree tap water. 6gl took 1 hr 15 min to reach boil, 4gl took 50 min to boil. Also did a 3gl 30 minute boil extract brew which took about 45min to reach boil. In all cases I had to somewhat keep the lid on to maintain a good rolling boil or it would just turn into a strong simmer.

Future plans are to go all grain BIAB. It doesn’t take much time to reach a 160 mash temp for my 2.5gl brews and should take much longer to reach boil from there.

I think if someone wanted to brew a 5gl batch you would be better off with a 220v 3500w induction burner, but this smaller burner could be used for 5gl partial boils or extract brews.

Have you thought about insulating the outside of the kettle with something like Reflectix? Because you are not using flame or super hot elements you should be able to get away with that. Should cut your time significantly.

That’s not lightning fast, but it isn’t ridiculously slow either. That thing would do half batches just fine. The 220 job would probably do full batches great. What good are dry clothes with no beer?

Yeah, looking into some kind of insulation but it works ok as is for me, I don’t mind waiting that long for a boil and once I get my all grain system up and running it should work out even better. Takes about have the time to get up to mash temps and from there it’s not too far from boil.

for what’s worth, I’ve used a Burton 110v burner for about a year now, 40+ five gallon batches. It should be the only appliance on the circuit but otherwise, works well. Takes about 30 minutes to reach a boil but then quite easy to hold it steady. Used a NB Megapot. Induction has very little risk of scorching.

I wonder if you could use this to maintain the temperature in a metal mash tun?

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