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100% Dark Wheat Beer recipe questions

I have a rare barley allergy that makes my arthritus inflame (only 42 btw). My friends made a 100% dark wheat beer that was delicious and I’m trying to make one of my own, maybe in a guiness body but more hoppy. Could you look at this recipe and suggest adjustments as I am fairly new to brewing. I’m thinking maybe that is too much chocolate wheat. Any suggestions are appreciated

10lbs W pale malt
2lbs W chocolate wheat
1lb flaked oats (for body)
1oz magnum hops initial
hallertau for the final 15 minutes
whorflac tablet to clear the proteins
Wyeast 3068

Did you copy their recipe. I don’t know about chocolate wheat but a little chocolate malt goes a long way. I wouldn’t use that much chocolate malt, but like I said I don’t know anything about chocolate wheat. Also I thought I read somewhere that you can’t use 100% wheat malt

I take it the 10lbs of W pale malt is supposed to be wheat malt? Wheat malt has enough diastatic power to self convert so you’re good there. Sparging could be a pain in the a$$ though.

I don’t think I would use 16-17% chocolate wheat. It’s a substitute for chocolate malt and that would be quiet a lot. I’ve never used it at that percentage though so YMMV.

Not sure if you need the oat malt as the wheat should provide plenty of body.

That’s what most people think as well as old me :slight_smile: Like I said, my friends made one that was 100% wheat and it was delicious and finished about 6% but I can’t get them over here to make another while I take notes. (they both have kids). I did talk to 1 about an hour ago and he said he thought they just used 1/2 pound of the dark wheat… I kinda took a dark wheat beer recipe and adapted to be 100%, I added the oats because I thought if the last beer we made had a bit more body it would’ve turned out like a real hoppy Newcastle or Guinness. My local brewer was doubtful as well which is why I’m not asking his opinion anymore, he’s a strict traditionalist. I made a simple beer that was just 15lbs of wheat with warrior hops and saf ale yeast. i turned out ok, like a wheat bud light but I didn’t add enough priming sugar so there’s not much carbonation and it’s almost all gone.

Sparging is a pain but the bag helps tremendously. Besides I don’t care about the work as long as i can drink a beer without my back hurting the next day (my arthritis is in my back, ankylosing spondylitus). In your opinion should I take off the oats, up my Weyerman Pale Malt (W stood for Weyerman, its american and has more DP than the European) to maybe 12 or 13lbs and back down the chocolate wheat to 1/2lb?

Pale malt is not the same as pale wheat malt. Weyermann is German, not US.

1/2lb of chocolate wheat malt would be a great starting point. If you want more color you could use Weyermann dark wheat malt as well.

You might want to check out this link for Weyermann.

Great suggestions! Yes i meant pale wheat malt sorry. What about 12lbs pale malt, 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 dark (all wheat of course)? Great site, thank you.

Are you doing BIAB? I think that would work with that much wheat. I would mix the pale wheat with some dark wheat maybe 50/50 and just a little chocolate wheat.

Yes I brew in a xtra large bag and large cooler to help keep the sparge from sticking. So a 50/50 mix of pale and dark wheat? that sounds interesting to be sure. This may be elementary but does dark wheat contribute as many fermentables as pale? BTW, you guys are great!

I believe it’s as fermentable I tend to use more than one malt I feel it gives depth. It would also give it a nice color. Did you want to use the chocolate for color or flavor? You mentioned Guinness which is very dark. I wouldn’t use chocolate for flavor if your going hoppy, kind of clash in my opinion.

I was going to use it for the kinda bitter flavor chocolate gives off. I thought maybe it would add a smooth finish but like I said, I’m fairly new.

It’s your beer. I only use chocolate in browns and porters which aren’t usually hoppy.

Oh yeah thanks, now that you say that I’m wanting a porter haha, maybe I’ll tone down the hops and go with that! I appreciate all you guys help. I believe I’m really crafting a uniquely good brew here

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As far as your hop schedule goes… It’s not out of range of balanced. Depending on your AA% of magnum you may only need a 1/2 oz (usually magnum is around 14%). A brewing software program will assist with that in terms of IBU and IBU:OG.

I wouldn’t waste the whirlfloc tablet on this beer. Your doing everything possible to promote haze by using 100% wheat, and a wheat yeast. Plus, IME, even wheat beers clear up eventually as their proteins are larger, thus creating even a clearer beer. It will just take a few weeks longer.

Ok, I’ll be ordering tonight. Wish me luck!

Follow up: This beer is a little light in body but taste delicious! Its hoppy and a little bitter at first but it’s mellowing with age. Adding a table that I plan on expanding the ingredients so I can just add pounds and get my conversions. Thanks everyone, I would suggest this to anybody. Next I’m going to make the same but add some oatmeal for body. Next project will be gluten free with millet instead of sorghum

What hop schedule did you end up using?

added 1oz Warrior for an hour, the 1/2 oz golding for 30. Next time I’ll probably back down on the bittering just a touch. may go with 1/2-3/4oz

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