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10,000 Gallon 'Reverse' Immersion Chiller

Happy Brewing Sunday from South Florida. Couldn’t do this in July… Took 20-minutes to hit 76deg, thanks for a cool breezy weekend. NB’s batch of Black Ale. Brewed poolside.


Nice job :stuck_out_tongue:


Might want to cover that kettle with some cheesecloth or a towel.

It’s all about the shot! But actually I did with 2 kitchen towels :slight_smile:

Thats what she said^^…Sorry couldn’t help myself. I’ll shut up now.

Did you swirl your pot around every couple minutes? Also, if you could put it by a pool jet that would help out too.

Looks like a nice location to brew!

I actually thought about placing the pot inside one of the floats but…

Don’t think, just do it.

It’s my drinking of home brew while brewing home brew that helps me brew up these fantastic brewing ideas. :cheers:

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