1 st brew secondary fermentation question on temp

I am brewing caribou slobber ale. Do i keep the temp the same as the primary? Which was kepted between 62 & 64 on the outside of the glass carboy reading on the fermometer.

Temp isn’t nearly as important after primary fermentation is complete. You wouldn’t want things to be so hot that they encourage rapid oxidation, other than that it doesn’t matter much. Any vaguely tolerable room temperature is probably okay. The sixties are certainly just fine.

+1 to this ^^^

I routinely ferment my ales in the low to mid 60’s for about a week or so then take the primary out of my ferm fridge and let it sit at room temps for the duration, which is in the low 70’s. For ales, temp control is only important for the first few days.

Now if you want to talk about largers… that’s a completely different story.