1 gallon kit contents?

Hi, all!

I just ordered the 1 gallon Caribou Slobber recipe kit. Does anyone know if that kit comes with fizz tabs?


It should come with. Otherwise just dissolve about 1.5 tablespoons regular white sugar in a little boiling water, cool, and add to the full gallon before bottling to bulk prime it.

Thanks, Dave. I batch primed my last batch, but I feel like I lost more beer than I wanted to between racking into the bottling bucket, then racking into the bottles. With a 1 gallon batch I want to keep all that I can, so I wanted to try bottling directly from the fermenter and using the fizz tabs to eliminate one step.

I got an answer from Todd H. of Northern Brewer:

“All of our one gallon kits do have fizz drops.”

So there we are! :wink: