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1 gallon bavarian hefe primary

i picked up a 1 gallon hefe kit and its been in primary for 9 days…with such a small volume of beer i do not want to fill up my hydrometer tube for a reading…would it be crazy to bottle this beer now without taking a reading?

you could sanitize the tube/hydro and add the beer back to the fermenter

You know i would but my hydro tube is pretty scratched i dont wanna take the chance …but i did pitch half a pack of yeast into such a small volume maybe that fermented it down already?


Yer’ not going to dip your hydro tube in there are ya’?

And for sure, not pour the remainder back?

Can’t you pull some out with a sanitized siphon, enough for your hydro tube, and pull the test?

And of course, drink the sample , ( for quality control purposes). :cheers:

I could see not wanting to waste any since I think the gal kits only make 8-10 bottles anyway.

just curious, why not just wait another 4-5 days and be sure it is ready?

well i went ahead and bottled it…Once i got down to the bottom and lost my siphon i stopped and filled my hydro tube with the remaining beer…it read 1012…the og was about 1050 give or take i forgot…i should be good right?

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