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1-gallon batch wheat beer

I’m looking to put (3) 1-gallon carboys to good use while my large carboy is full. I have my mind set on doing a variety of wheat beers. I want to do one “control” if you will, and maybe add some sort of fruit or spice to a secondary with the other two (I have 4 1-gallon carboys total so I’ll be able to shuffle the batches around). My question is what is a good recipe for a “base” wheat beer using extract. From what I’ve read, it seems about one pound of DME with about 0.25oz hops would do it. Does anyone have a good recipe? Specialty grains? I’m going to be using Wyeast 1007.



If you have four fermenters, make a 4 gallon batch and just split it. I’d go 5 pounds of wheat DME, 1/2 oz of Hallertau at 60 minutes (13 IBUs)

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