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1 Gal Caribou Slobber High OG

First try and all seemed to go well. Doing some research showed the the OG for the 5 Gallon batch should be 1.052 and I measured 1.058 on my batch.

Ideas on why the high OG and if there’s anything that needs to be done other than just let it sit?

I wouldn’t worry about 6 pts. of gravity. I’ve never brewed NB kits, but my 5 gal batches end up with 5.5 in the fermentor.

What did you end up with your 1 gal batch? I would hope the recipe is formulated for 1 gal in bottles, not in the fermentor.

If it’s designed to give you 1 gal in bottles and you have 1 gal in your fermentor, your OG will be higher.

Makes sense - I ended up with a gallon glass “fermenter” almost full so my assumption is there’s a gallon in the fermenter. Going forward will to go with a “bucket” fermenter so I can tell volumes.

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