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1 beer; 2 yeast strains

Hi all.

On brew day I did 2 batches. Saison Extract and Dennys RyePA Extract.

I accidentally pitched both yeasts (Wyeast 3711 French Saison AND Wyeast 1450 Dennys Fav. 50) into the Saison. Dang!

Any clue what will happen to it? Will the 2 yeasts make a super awesome yeast? Will one yeast dominate over another? Will both yeasts kill each other?

Secondly, Is it OK to pitch a new Wyeast 1450 into RyePA roughly 2-3 weeks after brew day? Should I aerate the wort prior to pitching or leave it alone?

Thanks in advance.

No one knows what will happen with that beer. One may take over the other. They might ferment at about the same rate. Time will tell. No 2 batches will be the same.

Wait 2-3 weeks? No likely. You would be OK for 2-3 days maybe. In 2-3 weeks some form of wild yeast will have taken over and made another Franken brew. Pitch some dry yeast (if you have it) and call it a beer.

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