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1/4'' or 3/16'' ID Beer Line

I am wondering what people prefer for their systems. Here are some of the information that that i have found:

3/16’’ offers:
Higher resistance per foot.
Shorter length needed for balancing.
Less space taken up in fridge.

1/4’’ offers:
More flow fills beer faster.
Same ID as gas lines.
Only need one ID on hand for replacing lines.

What are others pros and cons, what do you have and why?

on a homebrew scale, I’d say you only want 1/4" if you have a long draw, like if you kegs are in the basement and your tap is on the first floor.

I use 7ft of 3/16 I was under the impression that 1/4 isnt suppossed to be used because it will cause tons of foaming. 3/16’s is much more of a pain in the ass to get onto the 1/4 barbed fittings.

1/4" is just too big for the lengths we typically run. If your keg is less than 20’ from your tap, you need 3/16", otherwise you’ll be pouring a glass of foam. If you’re worried about having more than 1 line diameter, just make them all 3/16", gas doesn’t mind.

[quote=“nyakavt”]just make them all 3/16", gas doesn’t mind.[/quote]+1

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