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Ways to make an Amber less boring

Whoa… I thought it was:

  1. Steal underpants.

  2. ???

  3. Profit.



FG dropped to maaaaybe 1.003 after another 5 days, so I’m calling it. Cold crashing tonight, will bottle on Saturday.

Tasted it and it’s good (more body than before) but the Chinook added more bitterness than I wanted. I expect that’ll mellow over time, though. Pretty pleased in general!

Sounds about right, my saisons usually end up from 0.998-1.004. That would be a great beer to carb high, if you have the bottles for it.

Can you elaborate on that a little? What do you mean by “have the bottles for it”? Like, a specific kind of bottle (thicker, I assume?) that’s more suitable to added carbonation?

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Yeah, a lot of the time saison is bottled in champagne bottles and carbonated at 3.5+ volumes. With that low of a finishing gravity, the added carbonation helps add more fullness to the body and increases the aromatics. EZ-cap bottles can take a bit more carbonation than your standard 12-oz pry-off bottle as well, and they don’t require a corker. A standard beer bottle would shatter under that level of carbonation.

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Gotcha. I have a bunch of swing-tops, but not enough to do the entire batch. Not sure I want to mess with individually carbing bottles at this point, so I’ll probably just stick to the recipe as written on this one.

When it comes to bottle conditioning, stick with what you’re comfortable. It’ll still be great carbed to 2.5-2.7 volumes.

Its a reason I save Duvel bottles, they are quite thick, and ,well proven to hold a higher carbed brew, not to mention, very tasty brew too! Sneezles61

I’ve blown two or three ez caps. I would recommend Belgian style bottles.

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Agreed, they’re better than standard crown cap bottles, but they’re nothing compared to Belgian or champagne bottles. There’s a reason that cantillon and fantome come in champagne bottles…

Be careful with those duvel bottles - the crown itself isn’t good for much beyond a standard bottle. Need cork/cage or cork/crown for high pressure.

2.5-2.7 is standard, or is that still a bit above what the kit recommends?

It’s a little higher, but traditionally Americans like more carbonated vs. less carbonated. Since we’re on topic, you may want to check this out.

Edited: it’s the NB priming calc.

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2.7 volumes is what you would get for 5 gallons if you used a whole 5-oz pack that NB provides in a kit, assuming you had a 68°F max fermentation temp. High, but appropriate for a beer with a low terminal gravity.

For reference, IPA usually is more like 2.2-2.4.

Bottled, thanks everyone! Ended up going for 3.0 volumes. Hopefully I don’t get any bombs.

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Pulled a rookie movie and got antsy, tasted one of these at 1wk. Tasted great! Carbonation has a ways to go for ideal drinking, but it’s already very drinkable as-is. Light, refreshing, pretty dry. Lots of good saison flavor. I’ll try another bottle in another week.

So, four weeks in and this is tasting pretty amazing. Kind of hard to believe I made a beer I like this much from an amber ale kit. Cheers!


Good to hear the beer turned out good! Got me thinking of playing around with some of the ideas mentioned in this thread, but I can’t find the recipe for the Block Party Amber. Don’t suppose someone could post that up so I can give some thought to how I want to build my recipe. Be really nice if someone had it in all grain format, but I’ll convert an extract recipe if I have to

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Here is the link to the extract recipe.

Amber saison is aging nicely:


Looks good!

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