Wanting to move to all grain

So i am wanting to make the move from extract to grain. What all do i need to make the move? I know i need to get the Fermenter’s Favorites® Essential All-Grain Brewing Starter Kit. But what else do i need?

You will need a 10 gallon kettle and a mash tun if you plan on batch sparging. A Mash tun is easy to build yourself if your a diy person. Also little cheaper than the pre made ones. There is tons of videos on YouTube and other sources on the the internet. You will need a Grain mill to crush grain.

Are you thinking BIAB (Brew In A Bag)? This calculator may help for kettle/equipment based on volume brewed and OG.

You may want to consider cutting your teeth on one of the 3-gallon BIAB kits.

If you can do a 5-gallon extract kit, you should be able to do a 3-gallon BIAB without more gear.


You could start out with building. A 10 gall iglo cooler with a false bottom. And a bigger cook pot. Most the time that one you all ready got. If you have acces to a brew store. Close to your house you can get milled grains. Or get indeed a grain mill. Keep some lme and dme in your fridge. If you take some og readings. In your boil kettle. And your first all grain. Og. To low add some dme or lme untill you reach your target og. Might take a few all grain brews. To get into the right calculations

Do you have How to Brew (4th edition)? Can you help someone else brew a batch or two?

I just made that transition ( assuming my first batch is good coming out of the secondary). I got the 10 gal all grain system from NB . I did the fly sparge on this batch and the next batch in a couple of weeks I will do the batch sparge. If it goes as well as most people report, I will be sticking with it and as a result prob could have gotten by with only the single 10 gal cooler with false bottom for mashing.

I did have to buy a 10 gal kettle ( from SSBrewtech which is really nice). So the next batch I will plan to heat my mash and sparge water in my old 5 gal kettle and dump directly into the mash tun.

That’s what I will do, but I am super new to this… But wishing I started 20 years ago as it is a lot of fun and interesting to learn as I go. And this forum is priceless for advice, guidance and reassurance.


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The only other thing you need is something to mash in. A cooler a pot or even a bucket. If you’re making 5 gallons or less you don’t even need one with a valve