Mr Beer as Christmas present

My kids know how much I love home brewing, and thoughtfully wanted to get me something home brew related for Christmas. I was hoping for something like a mash paddle; they decided on a Mr. Beer starter kit. On the outside, I was like, “Ooooh cool, a home brew kit!” On the inside I was like, “what am I gonna do with this?”

I buy grain and hops in bulk, so I suppose I could mess with scaling some recipies to small batch proportions without wasting product. Maybe some bigger beers that appeal to me, and not to the wife. I’m also thinking some 1-2 gallon size mead batches.

Any thoughts on ways an (arguably) experienced AG brewer can incorporate a Mr. Beer vessel into his brewing process?

I do 2.05 AG test batches on my stove. You could use it for something like that.

OOOHH way cool, maybe you do small batches to see ifn you like a recipe and then do a larger batch… I know a guy that brewed that way fer a while and made some great brews! Sneezles61

Use it as a gravity feed vessel for a batch of real ale?

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Today I ran across a Mr. Beer kit at Goodwill, half off today $5.
I almost bought it. It looked like it had everything but the big fermentation vessel.
Here is the funny part. I am a professional brewer. Been doing this for a while.

Here is what you can do with it. Read the instructions, apply your home brewing knowledge you have accumulated, and make the best damn Mr. Beer kit there has ever been…sorta brewed!

You may be surprised!

BTW I have never used one.

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Mr. Beer is how I got started a long time ago! Still have the goofy plastic fermenter somewhere.

It might be a good fermenter for a mead or hard cider you really don’t want a large quantity of. Or re-gift it :wink:

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Could you use it for starters?

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