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Keg to a bottle

Has anyone ever tried to fill up bottles to give to someone that came from their keg? I recently have been trying to get away from the bottling process and stick to primarily kegging my beer. But I realize I cant kill 5 gallons to myself and most of my buddies live out of town. So i was curious if i poured beer directly from the tap into a bottle and then capped it, would the bottled beer stay fresh for a few days until it gets to them?

Perhaps to look through some archives here… Meuller Brau…

Ive done it the way Muller did it with limited success. Often the beer got oxidized after a time. Its fine if you drink them quickly. Same with growlers that arr filled from the tap at yhe brewery. Most good breweries now fill under pressure. They do make a beer gun filler. Ive had better luck purging the bottles when filling.

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I use a Blichmann beer gun and while I don’t like bottling it makes it palatable (pun intended). It allows you to purge your bottle before and after filling so you can cap on a little foam.

Never took a close look at the Blichmann gun… Seems I only serve from home… sometimes a few growlers leave the house…

Search online for “counter flow bottle filler” I have one and although it takes some practice they work. If I had to do it over I would check out the Blichmann beer gun.

For portable beer from the keg made easy I just use a growler or save plain seltzer plastic bottles, stuff a piece of vinyl tubing in the tap and fill them. It won’t stay carbonate for long but enough for short term and a lot easier.

Another option is to fill a few bottles when filling your keg and prime them with Domino Dots AKA sugar cubes. One per 12oz bottle or do the math for larger.

I built something similar to this. It works pretty well and it’s super convenient.

I also have the Blichmann beer gun and that thing is great.

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