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How often do you brew?

I was looking back at my brew journal and realized that I made 11, 5 gallon batches in 2021. I am a little new to the hobby, I was just curious how often some of you brew, and I guess how many gallons you typically wind up making in a year?

Certainly less than 100 gallons! :joy::joy::joy:I think that’s the “stated limit”, although I’m not sure how, who, or where it’s enforced.

Off the top of my head, I think I brewed ten 5 gallon batches this past year. A bit down from my average.


i just added up all the beer, wines, and ciders i make and it made me upset. it used to be fine but with the pandemic and lack of my parties i find myself taking up the slack.

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actually 100 gallons of beer per year is pretty acurate for me

I was probably around 100 to 120 per year as well. I’ve decided to cut back my consumption so now I’m more like 5 gallons a month.

I believe the rule is 100 per adult in your household with a max of 200. I used to push or exceed that. Got rid of the evidence though :grin:

Sadly I guess I got lazy and now 40 50 gallons of beer and a few side adventures into fermenting store bought juice. During the winter at our cold weather escape there isn’t enough room for much gear so look out this summer because I hope to get back in the swing.


I on average probably brew 2x/month. Of course there’s more to it than just for “me” though.

About 100 gallon but last year bit down to hardtime getting. The ingredients to the island

Lately, I have averaged 15 gallons per month between beer and wine but I am trying to catch up and get ready for summer and end of isolation due to covid. I do get help drinking it at outdoor bonfires but lately getting too cold for that. Have 35 gallons of wine kegged. I brew in spurts with like 3 or more fermentations going at once, then take a break.

If I drank it all myself, I would have to walk 320 miles per month to work off the calories :frowning:

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