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Everyone a good 2022

Want to wish every one a good 2022 and you all have fun and nice evening with friends and fam. Me newyears eve in colombia with fam. 2 more days than travel home again. Sunday first brew of the year


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What happened to #3 :rofl:

22 has to be better than 21 which was better than 20. Happy New Year people

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That’s hope the upward trend continues! Happy New Years to all!

Here’s to looking forward to a good 2022! May all your beers be eminently quaffable. :innocent:


I’m ready to turn the calendar… Wasn’t bad… just ready for a fresh year! Happy New Year to all!

Happy new year folks! Here’s to ya!


Happy newyear back on island had a great vacation lots of craft beer. Food fun beer. But happy to see my dogs again. Pfff traveling wise its a pain now pcr test waited five hours in line to get tested. Airport next day check health paper test. Immigration forms. Next airport same thing. Flight for one hour. Next airport check again. Next day check again. Bar closed. Due to covid regulations. Only take out beer. Final flight Bonaire. Same thing check everything. And a apointment for 5 day covid pcr test. Home few home brews. Few more days off now. Brew tomorow ipa. And transfer. Saison to keg. Pilsner gravity check


no line for free beer. Just wait 5hours for pcr test

Well, glad you are back home… where the high quality brews are!
Theres no place like home…

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