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Yeast Starter Questions on Process, etc

Good time to save half and pitch the other… Put a hoppy beer cap on it…

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Time to clear everything out of the refrigerator that is not absolutely necessary, as we are looking at lock down here in Florida in the near future. Unfortunately that includes my Yeast bay. I was going to put this in the coronavirus thread however it seemed trivial after reading @radagast post.
Anyway, they were getting pretty old since I moved them from the house to the condo when it sold back in December, and who knows now with the virus situation when I’ll be able to brew again. Renovating the new place may be on hold if the contractors can’t get there.
So bye-bye yeast. They were good soldiers.

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Slowly blowing taps in the background in honor of your fine soldiers. :wink:


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You just don’t have the room to brew where you’re living now?

Nah. We have a freaking Barbie stove with no clearance for a kettle.

I just used Fehu Nordic yeast that has been in a small mason jar for over a year and has traveled in a cooler from NY to Florida and back. Made a simple starter and the next day it didn’t look like anything was happening. I figured it was time to order some dry yeast. Waited a day and off it went. Pitched it into a basic extract ale yesterday and by morning it was rippin’. Still going now.

My point is that it is still a loss having to toss those somewhat ole yeasts. Very sad but more can be had.

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